Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Proper 'French Onion Soup' Garden

“A Proper ‘French Onion Soup’ Garden

Another day, another workshop!

Today we really got things going for the gardens.

First of all, we did our FIRST harvest of the year. Which consisted of onions and garlic that was coming up from the previous year. That was an exciting surprise
The trimmings that were collected will be turned into a pesto of sorts.

Once those onions were cleared out of the bed, students planted fresh onions for this year. A WHOLE BED OF ONIONS! Yum! Such a good idea- onions can go in just about everything. Including (as one student added) “a proper French onion soup”. Where you really must let the soup simmer for an extended period of time.

While a group of students stayed outside taking care of the onions and measuring the beds, another group was inside planting seeds.
Starting seeds is always fun! You get to look at all the packages and pick veggies that look delicious. Then you get your hands dirty and fill up your seed trays. And then you take your tiny little seeds and plant them. The rule of thumb is to plant the seed 3 times as deep as it's size. You can imagine for some seeds that isn't very deep at all.



Final Product

Our little greenhouse filling up :)

It was a fun and productive day!

Thank you to Growing Up Organic for coming in again and thank you to everybody for all their hard work!

See ya!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Workshop One with Growing Up Organic

I think it is safe to say that this years garden has been dubbed the 'Pizza Garden'.

One of the most important things that I took away from the first work shop was to be excited about what you are growing. There is no point in growing something you have no interest in.

When the students were asked what vegetable they liked to eat, hands shot up and answers were yelled out. At one point, somebody mentioned making pizza. Which lead to what herbs go on pizza, like oregano and basil. It's amazing how the conversation snowballed and before you knew it, we had a goal to make pizza with the produce that will be grown in the school garden.

There will probably be a few obstacles to overcome before this 'pizza goal' can be reached. One being that many pizza related ingredients are summer vegetables. This mean they won't necessarily be at their prime in the fall when school rolls around again.
I'm not too worried though. There are ways around that. We could plant a little later, freeze or dehydrate some veggies and herbs.
A little imagination, folks!

Stay tuned to see what exciting things come out of the next work shop and how our pizza goals progress!